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Keep Yourself Stocked Up with Pantry Products

Opt for online pantry shopping and get the widest range of pantry products such as tea, coffee, biscuits, and snacks for your office pantry.

Here is how we meet your Pantry supplies needs

Shop from a wide range of pantry supplies on Amazon Business to keep your pantry fully stocked. Bulk order top pantry products like tea, coffee, noodles, sauces, spreads, snacks and more from top brands like Nescafe, Dabur, ITC, Godrej, Cadbury and more for your office pantry.

Top picks in Pantry products

Top pantry product brands

  • HUL
  • Nescafe
  • ITC
  • Dabur
  • Godrej
  • Cadbury
  • Vedaka
  • Tata sampan

Customers enjoy a large number of benefits when they shop on Amazon Business

Partner with us to help save time, money and effort while purchasing pantry products for your office. We are a B2B online marketplace that offers all pantry supplies from the topmost brands. Our online store is a one-stop-shop for all pantry related requirement.

  • Wide selection

    Access a wide selection of pantry supplies from top brands, see top-selling products, meet your compliance requirement and get GST invoice on eligible products when you buy from India’s largest B2B marketplace.

  • Reduce costs

    Tap into business exclusive deals and quantity discounts for bulk orders that help you save on your purchasing cost while buying in bulk.

  • Get multiple quotes

    Compare across lakhs of wholesale B2B suppliers who compete for your business to choose the lowest prices. Buy at wholesale prices and save costs while buying from our B2B marketplace.

  • Explore top-rated products

    Explore wholesale products that other B2B customers and businesses have rated highly.

  • Get Prime benefits

    Our B2B services consist of a variety of bulk shipping options including 1-2 day shipping with Prime, that allows you to get whatever you want and whenever you need it.

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“We buy a wide array of products like tea, sugar, Maggi noodles etc. for our crew members from Amazon Business."

— Rupin Dang, Managing Director, Wilderness Films India ltd.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • No minimum order quantity (MOQ) is required for purchasing kitchen pantry supplies from Amazon Business. However, buying bulk from Amazon Business offers you more benefits and discounts.

    • Amazon Business follows an easy return policy for the kitchen pantry store and all its products. If you wish to return or replace an item purchased from our online grocery store, contact Amazon Business. Our team shall help you get a refund or replacement.

    • Any item you order from Amazon Business Pantry Store shall be delivered to you at the earliest. You may get next day delivery if you reside in a Tier-1 or Tier-2 city. Generally, all the orders are delivered within 2-3 business days.

    • Several product categories are available in grocery shop online. Buy groceries online through our online store. You could order groceries online like tea/ coffee, sugar, salt & spices, sauces & spreads, snacks & beverages, cooking oil, cleaning essentials, handwash & sanitizers, dairy & eggs, personal & baby care, staples, dry fruits, packages & ready to eat items and tissues & fresheners via our online grocery store.

    • Different time slots are available for grocery home delivery or online grocery delivery. When you order groceries, you can pick the preferred time slot and order online at your convenience.

    • Based on your shipping speed, sometimes you may face shipping fees. For instance, for same-day delivery, non-prime members are charged extra. However, if you are a Prime Member, most of the shipping and delivery is free, except in rare cases like morning delivery or third-party delivery.

    • Ensure your kitchen pantry has the following, considering the diverse needs:

      • Basic staples: oil, vinegar, sugar, salt, pepper, flour, pasta, rice, and canned goods.
      • Spices & seasonings to personalize and enhance the taste
      • Snacks: crackers, granola bars, nuts, dried fruit, etc.
      • Condiments like ketchup, mayonnaise, hot sauce, etc.
      • Baking supplies: baking powder, baking soda, yeast, vanilla extract, etc.
      • Healthier options like frozen fruits, vegetables, and whole grain options
      • Beverages like coffee, tea, water, or juice
      • Non-perishable items like soup, canned beans, etc.
      • Dairy products
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    Wholesale Kitchen Pantry Items at Amazon Business

    Shop for Wholesale Kitchen Pantry Items at Discounted Prices. Choose from a Wide Range of Pantry Supplies that this Online Grocery Store has in Store for You


    Looking for a good deal on Kitchen pantry items & other pantry supplies? Look no further. Amazon Business's online grocery store is what you need. Buy groceries online and get kitchen pantry, office pantry, corporate pantry supplies in bulk from Amazon Business.


    Whether you run a restaurant, cloud kitchen, food delivery business, etc., our online grocery store can satisfy all your kitchen needs. Enhance your kitchen items and replenish your kitchen pantry, you need a steady supply of goods. While sourcing fresh food items may appear challenging, that should not be the case for pantry products. Amazon Business' Kitchen Pantry Products store will give you the best online grocery shopping experience.


    Don't wait register with Amazon Business today and experience the ease of online grocery delivery with our online grocery store.


    Here is How We Meet Your Kitchen Pantry Items Needs

    Maintaining a consistent and steady flow of groceries is critical whether your run a small restaurant, a food joint, a cloud kitchen, and even for home. Our online grocery store is your answer to all business-related and home-based grocery delivery. If you are in charge of ensuring the office pantry is stocked to avoid the hassle of ordering snacks online in haste.


    Amazon Business makes it easy for you to procure pantry products and kitchen supplies. Order groceries online with our exhaustive list of pantries in our grocery shop online at the comfort of your home. Moreover, doorstep delivery and bulk discounts on wholesale grocery online ensure cost-effective purchases.


    With just a smartphone and Amazon Business account, you can witness the best online grocery shopping and ensure grocery delivery across addresses, be it your home, office, or store. All with just one account.


    Choose the product you need, add them to the cart, and place your order. Moreover, you can get good discounts on bulk purchases. Ordering groceries online could be easier and cheaper with Amazon's online grocery store.


    Top Categories to Choose From


    Here are some of our top categories to pick from for online grocery delivery. Buy groceries online and ensure your pantry is stocked!


    • Tea & Coffee

    Who doesn't need a little waking up sometimes in the morning or during work? Don't let your employees, staff, or customers be disappointed when they need a hot cup of coffee or tea. Get all the popular tea and coffee brands at our grocery shop online.


    • Sugar, Salt & Spices

    No kitchen is complete without spices, salt and sugar. Ensure you never run short of these with Amazon Business. Keep that spices rack always stocked, whether it's your home kitchen, food station, or restaurant kitchen.


    • Sauces & Spreads

    Are you running a breakfast joint, or are you a parent running late for the office but can't let your kids skip breakfast? Don't worry. That's when sauces and spreads can come in handy. We have all the people's favs ready to ship! Order them today.


    • Snacks & Beverages

    Are you the one always ordering snacks online during office breaks? Why not buy in bulk and stock it up? Our exciting list of beverages and snacks could be a quick snack during your well-deserved break. The cooking staff, children, and office employees need a snack break.


    • Cooking Oil

    The one thing anyone in the restaurant business cannot do without is cooking oil. With extended expiry dates, it's smart to buy them in bulk so you never run out. So get your hands on the best cooking oils today.


    • Cleaning Essentials

    A clean environment stimulates creativity, productivity and eases stress. Therefore, cleaning supplies are essential in every business, home, or office. Buy wholesale grocery online with bulk discounts in our online grocery store.


    • Handwash & Sanitizers

    From Lifeboy, Dettol, Godrej, Savlon to organic brands, our online grocery stores list handwashes and sanitizers from across these brands. You can pick your personal favorite and ensure grocery home delivery and business outlet with Amazon Business.


    • Dairy & Eggs

    Dairy and eggs are something we find in every household and restaurant kitchen. Get your daily eggs, milk, and other daily products delivered efficiently with our doorstep delivery. For vegan consumers and loved ones, you could also go for almond milk or soy milk.


    • Personal & Baby Care

    Some products demand grocery home delivery, like personal and baby care products. Whether you are a parent or running a beauty & baby store, our wholesale grocery online would be beneficial. Explore our personal and baby care groceries online today.


    • Staples

    Running out of staples? Don't worry, our online grocery store has it all. Stock up on cereals, vegetables, and other staple items today. You could order groceries online and deliver them to home, restaurant, or store.


    • Dry Fruits

    Do you run a baking store, dessert joint, bakery, or Kirana store? Then dry fruits are something you need in stock. Our online grocery delivery ensures each packet reaches you with care. So if you are running low, now is the time to stock up.


    • Packages & Ready to Eat Items

    Packed foods and ready-to-eat items are something we rely on these days. Who doesn't love instant noodles or pasta? Keeping a ready-to-eat items supply will help your business if you are a small store owner. Order your bunch today.


    • Tissues & Fresheners

    It's a good idea to stock up on tissues and fresheners as these products are used regularly and consumed at higher rates. Take advantage of our bulk discounts and order in bulk to save money.


    Buy Wholesale Kitchen Pantry Items from Top Pantry Products Brands

    When purchasing wholesale pantry supplies at Amazon Business, you can be certain of the quality. Amazon Business lists products from premium brands available in the market to ensure the quality of pantry products is never compromised.

    And we mean it when we say wholesale Kitchen Pantry. Out attractive deals, business exclusive discounts, and diverse product range, and efficient packing with doorstep delivery make our grocery shop online more desirable for ordering snacks online and order groceries online.

    Here are some of the Top Brands featured in our online grocery store:


    • Hindustan Unilever Limited
    • Nescafé
    • ITC Limited
    • Dabur
    • Godrej
    • Cadbury
    • Vedaka
    • TATA Sampann


    You could also explore our other exclusive wholesale store for office supplies, electronic items, gym equipment, cleaning supplies, mobile accessories, corporate gifting store, etc., from Amazon Business for your other business-related procurement needs.


    Why Purchase from Amazon Business Kitchen Pantry Supplies Store?

    Amazon Business is one of India's largest wholesale online marketplaces, catering to millions of customers worldwide. The convenience, user-friendliness, and blistering offers from Amazon Business ensure the best online grocery shopping experience. Events like the Stock-Up Sale, EMI Fest, Business Value Days, etc., on Amazon Business offer huge discounts and cashback across its product categories. Take advantage of these sale events and save big on bulk orders.


    Moreover, businesses with GST registrations can save up to 28% on their purchases through GST Input Tax Credit. Suppose you do not have GST registration. In that case, you can use your business PAN.


    Register with Amazon Business today and avail yourself of these benefits. The Amazon Mobile App or web portal makes shopping seamless. It boils down to ultimate convenience for buyers, essentially the best feature of Amazon Business